Progress report Sep 3

Selecting first idea

Hello guys!

I posted on IndeHacker Looking for partners to build a side project in 1 month! 🚀 to get idea proposals for the first project from the community.

There was not much activity from the community, but it was expected as we are just starting up and there are probably many posts like that in the community.

But I would like to finish one project in September, so have to decide on first idea soon.


Social media monitoring project

There was one idea proposed by gabber12 from IndieHacker.

I had this idea around building a social media monitoring project.
Basically brands companies can monitor lets say there twitter feed for interesting insights.
Eg - A product company can automatically be alerted when users tweet about a bug.

The project would monitor tweets to and classify them into topics. Weekly Reports can be generated about the user sentiment.

Hope you get the idea. Reach out to me if you think it's interesting.

It is something like hotsuit or tweetdeck but with sentiment analysis or classification of mentions.

Decentralized hosting platform for static website deployment.

I’m interested in real-life use cases of the blockchain tech and looking to explore and learn more about the subject. So one idea I had is related to the decentralized storage using blockchain.

Second idea is to create a decentralized hosting platform leveraging blockchain technologies like: and

I think one advantage such service could have compared to existing solutions like vercel is the security as files will be encrypted, split into fragments stored on different nodes. But it is interesting how would performance and cost compare.

Codecademy for finance

I have a finance background. Its very difficult do differentiate yourself as a graduate trying to lend an entry level job in finance. And I remember there were few learning resources like books and video tutorials available to learn finance, financial modeling and analysis back then.

When I started learning software development I was surprised with the abundance of learning options. One I especially liked was codecademy. The interactive way of learning by doing was a good way to get started.

Not much has changed since then in finance. There are few courses available and all of them are video tutorials.

Some existing courses are wallstreetprep, breakingintowallstreet, corporatefinanceinstitute. But none of them are interactive.

I’m inclined to go with the last one as I’m familiar with the field, audience and have understanding of needs as well as possible distribution channels.

What do you guys think?